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Google Search Console Home
Google Search Console Home

What is Google Search Console Home?

Google Search Console Home is a set of tools and reports that allow webmasters or anyone who operates a website really able to monitor, manage, and improve their websites. It is a web service provided by Google free of charge. It gives you information about your website and the people who visit it. It was earlier called the Google webmaster tool (GWT). It was being used by bloggers, SEO’s, marketers, webmasters, etc.

Using GSC and the analytical data that is provided by it can make optimizing your website a lot easier. Further, It needs to be used to push your SEO even further.

Why Use Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is an invaluable tool for everyone to

  • monitor their website’s performance in search results.
  • Content accessibility.
  • Malware and spam issues.
  • It’s really a one-stop-shop to keep your site in front of potential visitors.

How to Set up Google Search Console?

Here are 5 Steps to Setup Google Search Console. They are

  • Sign in to Your Google Account
  • Open up Google Search Console
  • Add a New Website to Google Search Console or Or alternatively, in the dropdown, click “+ Add property”
  • Add Your Domain
  • Verify Your Account (+ Alternative Methods)

Therefore, Google Search Console Login can be done using either an existing Google account or sign-up an account to access the Google Search Console tool.

What GSC can do for you?

You can use GSC to do the following.

  • Submit your website to Google search
  • Helps you to request the search engine regarding indexing of your website
  • Control crawling and indexing of the website
  • Find broken links to the website
  • A lot of options for Technical SEO

How do I access the Google Search Console tool?

Which structured data type reports are available in Google Search Console?

The structured data type reports available in Google Search Console are

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Events
  • FAQ
  • How-to
  • Job Postings
  • Logos
  • Products
  • Sitelinks search box
  • Video

What are the Components of the Google Search Console?

The components of Google Search Console are

  • Dashboard
  • Display in search
  • Search queries
  • Google Index
  • Crawling

What kind of reports are available in Google Search Console?

Here are the reports available in the new Google Search Console:

  • Index report: It reports how well is Google indexing your website.
  • Overview report: the overall performance of your site.
  • URL inspection: From a technical point of view, how certain pages are performing wrt to other pages of the website.
  • Performance report: how your pages are performing
  • Link report: your external and internal links

What are the features of Google Search Console?

To explore the features of Google Search Console, set up an account & verify your website with Search Console. There is a range of different reports you can access. They are designed to provide varying insights into your site. Below, you will find a brief rundown of what you can find within each report.

  • Overview Report
  • Performance Report
  • Index Coverage
  • Index Sitemaps
  • Enhancements report
  • Mobile Usability Report
  • AMP Report
  • Manual Actions Report
  • Links Report

How to use Keywords Everywhere with Google Search Console??

  • First, make sure you install the Keywords Everywhere browser add-on.
  • go to Google Search Console
  • Select your website and then go to “Search Traffic” -> “Search Analytics”.
  • If you have the addon installed correctly, you will find the two metrics as new columns – Monthly Volume, CPC and competition in the table with the data. These columns show the metrics you want to see.

How does Google Search Console work?

The Google Search Console is a set of free web analysis tool offered free of charge by Google. With the tool, both websites and apps can be analyzed and monitored. It further provides information about on-page as well as off-page factors, lists all un-natural links, if the website has been hacked or condition of the registered website or app via GSC.

How to see the FAQ report in Google Search Console?

Google launched a Google Search Console enhancement report called FAQ structured data. FAQ report is an enhancement report present in Google Search Console. It monitors FAQ issues & shows all errors, warnings, and valid FAQ items related to your marked-up FAQ pages. It also shows you a search appearance of it.

What is the “How-to” report in Google Search Console?

The how-to report is a Google Search Console report. It is an enhancement report in Search Console that shows you website errors, warnings and valid items for pages with HowTo structured data.

How to Getting started with Google search console?

To get access to Google Search Console, add your domain name to GSC and prove that you own that domain. This is pretty easy as Google provides 5 ways to let you do that. here are the steps to do that.

  • First, Go to the Google search console home page.
  • Login using your existing Google account username & password.
  • From the dropdown click on + add property.
  • On the left-hand side, Under domain, please enter your domain name. This property adds all your sub-domain, HTTP and HTTPs type as well.
  • Then, you can verify the domain ownership by any of the options specified by google.

How to Setting Up Google Search Console?

To get access to google search console all you need to do is either verify your website with Google or verify the property of GSC with Google. Here a property may be a domain, subdomain or particular path of a website.

What are the ways to verify a website in Google Search Console?

Based on the URL you wish to verify, There are different methods to verify ownership of a website in Google Search Console. They are

  • HTML file: In this approach, Use it upload an HTML file to your website.
  • HTML tag: In this approach, add a meta tag to your website’s homepage.
  • Google Analytics: In this approach, use your Google Analytics account to verify it.
  • Google Tag Manager: In this approach, we use your Google Tag Manager account.
  • DNS

How to add a sitemap to Google Search Console tool?

To expedite the Indexing process of the whole site do always submit the site map of the website.
By submitting a site map, you provide Search Console with your site’s publicly available page URLs and image metadata.

  • First, Go to the Google Search Console dashboard.
  • Select the website you would like to index from the property menu in the top left corner of the website.
  • Click on Sitemaps.
  • Under Add a new sitemap, type sitemap.xml.
  • Click on Submit to request Google index your web site.

What are the advantages of Google Search Console?

The advantages of Google Search Console are

  • It includes a set of tools that give you an insight into your website
  • Give you insight into how your search results affecting its rise or decline in the rankings.
  • Helps to fix potential issues that could be contributing to a decline in rankings
  • It shows you how the search engine giant crawls and indexes your website
  • Show you how your website appears in google search results.
  • It helps you monitor, maintain, and improve your ranking in those search results.
  • Helps to check Analytics such as which keywords driving traffic to your website.
  • It can help you to view the top keywords in the Google Search Keywords panel. keyword analytics likely has a delay of 72hrs to appear.
  • It provides a way to Request Google to index your website. so that, Google’s bots review your website and help update search results with your new content.

What are the requirements to use Google Search Console?

In order to use the Search Console users require a valid Google account. Logging in to this takes place by entering the right e-mail address and password. After this entire website, subdomains, directories, individual subpages or apps can be registered in the console.

The website must first be confirmed to ensure that the corresponding functions are available. Google offers various methods for this. This allows the website to be confirmed with the help of a valid Analytics account. The uploading of your own HTML file to the server is also possible. A safer method is also the insertion of a meta element into the <head> area of the site.

Ensure the successful confirmation of the website. So that the data from the Search Console can be linked to the data of Google Analytics. It is allowing the analysis options to be expanded.


Google Search Console Home: FAQs