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Introduction To Mind Maps®

Introduction to Mind Maps®

Do you ever studied a topic or brainstormed a concept?.  It leads only to end up with plenty of  pages of information. But You may end with no clear viewpoint of how it suitable together.

It is here Mind Mapping is clear winner of help & usefulness.

Mind Maps is a Powerful Method of Note-Taking & Note Making. It is a good technique that helps learning, enhances information recording, displays how different details and suggestions are interrelated, and enhances innovative problem solving. Continue reading this post to discover more about fascinating features of mind maps in present modern era.

Visual Example of Mind Map is

Mind Map on JavaScript What is Mind Map?

Mind Maps were popularized by writer and consultant named Tony Buzan. They make use of a two-dimensional structure, rather than the list format conventionally utilized to take down notes. This makes details simpler to remember, as it’s in a format our minds find simple to recall and quick to examine & understand.

A good Mind Map displays the “complete picture” of the topic, the relative need for individual points, and the ways that facts interrelate to each other. Research shows this is of particular advantage when handling complex data, such as for example during business preparing,  strategy development, Project Management etc.

Usually, Mind Maps are smaller sized than conventional notes. It frequently take up just one single part of paper. This can help you to create associations and also to generate new ideas. You may also add new details easily, actually to a Mind Map you’ve already drawn.

Mind Mapping may also help you to breakdown large Themes or ideas or tasks or topics into manageable smaller chunks. So that it ensure that you can strategies effectively without obtaining overwhelmed and without forgetting something essential.

For What Mind Maps Used For?

Mind Maps are of help for

1.Brainstorming – Either individually, or as an organization.
2. Summarizing information.
3. Taking notes.
4. Consolidating info from different sources.
5.Thinking through complex complications.
6. Presenting information clearly.
7. Studying and memorizing details.

Mind Maps are also best for refreshing info in your thoughts. When you commit the form and framework of a Mind  Map to memory space, you can often obtain the cues you have to remember the details it contains simply by glancing quickly at the Map. for example, Studies & Surveys have demonstrated a fact that Mind Maps are highly useful if you are learning vocabulary of a language.

You really can get inventive with Mind Maps, so they are excellent to enhance creativity, too. When mind maps consist of colors, pictures or drawings, they are able to even resemble a masterpiece of design!

Using Mind Maps Effectively

Once you understand & apply how exactly to take notes in Mind Map format, you can form your own conventions & rules when planning on taking them further. The below suggestions going to help you to take full advantage while making Mind Maps:

Use Single Keyword/Term or Uncomplicated Key Phrases

Maintain simple keyword(s) or Key Phrases. Please note, single strong keyword(s) or meaningful Key phrases can convey the same indicating even more potently. Excess words simply clutter a Mind Map. In Nutshell, Keep it Simple.

Print Words

They’ll be simpler to read than joined-up or indistinct composing of note taking.

Use Colors to split up Different Suggestions

Color can help show the business of the subject. Additionally, it may make your Mind Map a far more appealing. It helps to record, and enable you to visualize the different parts of your Mind Map for long term recall.

Use Symbols and Pictures

Pictures help you to keep in mind information better than words. Thus, always make use of symbols or pictures. It means that something to you, utilize it.

Using of Cross-Linkages

Info in a single part of a Mind Map may relate with another part of mind map. Therefore, draw lines showing these cross-linkages. This will assist you to observe how one section of the subject affects another.

Conclusion on Mind Maps

Brain Mapping is a robust note-taking & note-making method. It is also called as Mind Mapping, Idea Mapping, Spray Diagrams, and Spider Diagrams. Mind Maps not only highlight important information, but it also display the entire structure of a theme/topic/main idea. Further, the relative need for individual elements of a main theme. They are great if you want to think very creatively. It is also useful if you have problems to solve, it may assist you to make new connections between ideas.

To draw Mind Maps effectively & spur innovative thinking, you need to print your keywords/keyphrases, use different colors for a great visual impact, and also incorporate symbols and pictures too.

PS, In the event of research or notice taking, try to use Mind Maps. Truly, You & your audience love them !


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