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Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension: FAQs

Keywords Everywhere chrome extension
Keywords Everywhere Chrome Browser Extension

What is Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension?

Keywords Everywhere is an add-on extension to popular browsers such as chrome & firefox. Since 1st Oct 2019, it is a paid browser extension. It shows keyword’s search volume, cost per click (CPC) info along with competition data for a searched keyword in google search engine. It adds keyword metrics to all your favorite websites. These websites include Google, eBay, Amazon, Answer the Public, Keyword S**tter, and many more. Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension is a widely popular among bloggers,authors, etc.

What is the difference between AdWords  & Keywords Everywhere add-on?

AdWords Keyword Planner is a free Google tool that provides advertisers the necessary information such as search volume data etc to use in forecasting & planning of the Ad campaigns. Whereas the Keywords Everywhere extension takes it to the next level by showing search volume information, CPC & competition data of keywords.

Keywords Everywhere is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. It displays the search volume of keywords right in Google’s search bar. It is easy to use and is the most convenient tool for keyword research.

Is the Keyword Research tool a Browser Extension?

Yes, Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on.  It may be installed on either Chrome or Firefox browser. This tool shows you monthly search volume, cost per click (CPC) and competition data of keywords on multiple websites.

keywords everywhere chrome extension
keywords everywhere chrome extension

Is Keywords Everywhere a free tool or paid one?

Since 1st Oct 2019, keyword research browser add-on “Keywords Everywhere” was moved from a free tool to a pay-as-you-go model. It had been announced by the developer on September 25.

Does keywords Everywhere support multiple markets?

Yes, It supports multiple markets for keywords research.

How to use Keywords everywhere tool?

The basic steps to use Keywords Everywhere tools are listed below.

You may begin by entering a keyword on any one of 16 different search engine keywords everywhere add-on supports.

lets take an example. Now, start typing in the google search bar. This extension will help you find search terms  & provides volume, CPC & competition metrics related to the keywords. And, shows “Related Keywords” and “People Also Search For” boxes on Google.

 if you’d like to upload the keyword list to your favorite tools, then You may click on the “Export to CSV” button.

Please keep in mind that this add-on works a bit differently on the various platforms it integrates with.

What does Keywords Everywhere do?

Keywords Everywhere is a paid browser addon that shows you keyword metrics such as volume, CPC & Competition. And, Also show you metrics for Related keywords, and People also search for keywords.

It helps to see monthly search volume, cost per click and competition data for keywords on multiple websites like Google Analytics, Search Console, etc.

Import Keywords to Keywords Everywhere tool: For your list of keywords, you may get volume data by copying keywords directly from Excel into Import Keywords and download them as an Excel, CSV or PDF file.

Keywords Everywhere also pull the “People Also Search For” and “Related” keywords from Google and show them to you with the volume metrics right inside Google’s search page.

Why is it a useful tool for bloggers/writers/internet marketers?

Keywords Everywhere is a very useful tool that helps to do analysis on keyword research &  save you a lot of time while doing keyword research.

As a browser extension, you can plug & play  & it can integrate with your browser seamlessly.

Therefore, Keywords Everywhere is a very useful tool than some of the peer paid keyword tools out there in the market.

Could you explain Volume, CPC & Competition of Keywords Everywhere?

  • Monthly Search Volume
    It represents an average of the total searches that people have performed for a keyword per month over the last 1 year.
  • Cost Per Click
    The cost per click (CPC) is the amount that advertisers are will to pay for a single click for this keyword in Google Adwords tool
  • Competition
    The competition represents the number of advertisers that are running ads on Google AdWords for this specific keyword.

How to use Keywords Everywhere add-on?

You can use Keywords Everywhere add-on in six different ways/places.

1. Google search
2. Autocomplete
3. Save keywords for later
4. Export keywords
5. Google Search Console
6. Analyze keyword density

What all metrics data Keywords Everywhere shows?

Once you installed & activated Keywords Everywhere add-on, searching for a keyword on google shows you below information. It is relevant to the keyword you searched for.

  • Search volume: The estimated monthly search volume of the keyword.
  • Cost per click (CPC): How much it costs per click (CPC) to set up a paid ad for the keyword.
  • Competition: How competitive the keyword is for paid search ads.
  • Related keywords: A list of related keywords in the sidebar to the right.

Here, CPC and competition are very useful for search engine marketers using paid Google ads to drive traffic. The search volume and related keywords are very useful when doing keyword research for SEO.

Name any 7 Reasons Why You Should use the Keywords Everywhere Extension?

There are many reasons why so many prefer this tool over Keyword Planner. So let’s just get right into it.

  • It Saves Time
  • Additional Keyword Suggestions
  • Available on Multiple Platforms
  • Customization Settings
  • Download all the keywords List in Excel, CSV, or PDF File Formats
  • Start saving  Your Favorite Keywords for Later use
  • Quickly shorten your relevant keywords list
  • It helps to narrow down and find the best keywords using Volume, CPC, Competition.

What Does Volume Mean in Keywords Everywhere?

With the Google Adwords information, keywords everywhere allow you to see how much volume, roughly how many people are searching for that keyword phrase in that month. Further, Google allowing us to see what’s your potential if you advertise with them for that keyword phrase. So, the volume is how many queries, how many times searched in this search bar per month.

What Does CPC Mean in Keywords Everywhere?

CPC means cost per click that is a way that you can bid on Adwords. It is called as CPC. CPC is how much does it cost every time you click an ad.

Now, Let’s take an example. If there is an advertisement right here with 42rs cents that were paid for. If anyone clicked on it, they pay Google roughly 42rs. This is the average that you would bid for, this is called as suggested bid. Sometimes people may bid higher or sometimes people may bid lower, but it’s a suggested bid to be on the number one position.

What Does Competition Mean in Keywords Everywhere?

Competition is a metric. It is used by a lot of SEO tools that we are using. Competition metric may depend on the specific tool & may be from 0 to 100 scale. In Keywords Everywhere, it is either 1 or 0.  It conveys how many people are bidding for that keyword on either pay per click(PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC). So, how competitive a keyword depends on how many people are bidding for that keyword. One is the hardest in Keywords Everywhere and Zero being the least competitive keyword. Therefore, a lot of times the competition is a good indicator of how hard it is going to be to rank organically.

Could you provide Keywords Everywhere weblinks for browsers such as Chrome & Firefox?

Here are links to Keywords Everywhere add-on extension.

How many websites keywords Everywhere has been supporting?

The tool shows keyword data on many websites and tools. In fact, it pulls search engine data for 16 different websites.

It works on the following websites & It displays the search volume, CPC, and competition level for keywords.

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Search
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • UberSuggest
  • Majestic
  • Moz Open Site Explorer

How Do Keywords Everywhere tool work?

Keywords Everywhere tool simplifies the process of finding the exact keywords your audience is looking for. It seamlessly appends search volume data, CPC and competition data to your favorite keyword research tool interface. You can able to see all the relevant search volume data in real-time while you are on websites such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and more.

What are the Advantages of Keywords Everywhere?

Advantages of Keywords Everywhere are

  • It shows monthly search volume, CPC  & Competition right under Google Search Bar or on 16+ websites.
  • It is available on 16+ websites such as Search Console, Keyword Planner, Analytics, Bing, Ubersuggest, Google Trends, YouTube, Majestic, and even on Amazon.
  • Keywords Everywhere integrate with browsers such as Chrome or Firefox as an extension.
  • It displays the same metrics across all of the platforms it integrates with.
  • It can be used on multiple platforms.
  • Beats every tool hands down for keyword brainstorming.
  • It will show metrics for  “related” keywords” & “people also ask for” keywords
  • It is very useful for Internet Marketers!
  • It’s so convenient, accurate, powerful & just costs a penny or keyword research.
  • It allows access to keyword metrics for any list of keywords & lets you download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.
Features Of Keywords Everywhere
Features Of Keywords Everywhere

What are Additional Features of Keywords Everywhere?

Additional Features of Keywords Everywhere are listed here. They are

  • It Provides Country specific search volume data on the keyword tool of your choice.
  • ‘Import Keywords’ option allows you to import your keywords in bulk and get their volume metrics too.
  • ‘My Keywords’ option allows us to save all our keywords  & allows us to export all keywords in bulk if required.
  • ‘Analyze Page’ option in the settings tab finds all keywords on a webpage and shows you the volume metrics.
  • ‘Add all keywords’ option allows you to add all keywords found on the page.

How to install Keywords Everywhere browser add-on?

Here are steps to install keywords everywhere browser extension.

We will show how to install it in the chrome browser. However, the procedure is almost the same for the Firefox browser too.

  • Click on following web link as per your favorite browser For Chrome or  For Firefox
  • Add the browser extension to your favorite browser
  • Get the API key via email or use API Key Page to request an API key

Click on the above link to enter your email id & click on the submit button to get the API key.
Next, check your email inbox or spam for a message that says, “Your Keywords Everywhere API Key”.
& you copy your API key of Keywords Everywhere.

  • Adding the API key to the extension on the browser.

Next, click on the Keywords Everywhere extension icon in your favorite browser, then click “Settings.”
Paste the API key into the input box and click the Validate button.

  • Buy credits as per your requirement to use keywords everywhere browser extension.

That’s it! You have successfully installed and activated Keywords Everywhere extension or your favorite browser.

Does it support the research of multiple keywords?

Yes, it supports the research of multiple keywords.

To do research of multiple keywords, simply click on the Keywords Everywhere icon, top right of the browser, and use the ‘Bulk upload keywords’ feature.

Bulk Upload Keywords
Bulk Upload Keywords

How accurate is the data of Keywords Everywhere?

It appears that Keywords Everywhere tool uses the same database/source such as Google’s Keywords Planner. When compared against AdWords accounts data, the results are surprisingly very similar.

As you all know search behavior and seasonality changes month on month, so it’s nearly impossible to be able to predict 100% accurate volumes.

Also, considering the multiple factors that contribute towards the CPC calculation (competition, quality score, position), this tool surprises users of tool with its accuracy of data!

How is Keywords Everywhere Gathering Information?

The data shown by Keywords Everywhere tools comes from the Google Ads Keyword Planner. Adwords is a free tool from Google that shows estimated search metrics for the Google search engine. That means Keywords Everywhere information is being pulled from the Google Adwords tool. Google Adwords are paid advertisements on Google.

Even the keyword data shown on other sites like YouTube and Amazon is actually the same Google search data from Google Ads Keyword Planner. It is mostly useful for Google SEO.

However, if something has a lot of search volume on Google, then chances are that it also has a lot of search volume on the other sites.

Keywords Everywhere Metrics
Keywords Everywhere Metrics

How to install Keywords Everywhere?

Go to the following Keywords Everywhere website

Keywords Everywhere Home Page
Keywords Everywhere Home Page

Now click on either ‘Install for Chrome’ or ‘Install for Firefox’ weblinks

Choosing any one of them will lead to the appropriate extension page where you may click on the download button to begin the installation of the tool.

Keywords Everywhere Firefox Extension
Keywords Everywhere Firefox Extension

It will Add the Keywords Everywhere browser extension to your favorite browsers such as chrome or firefox.
In accordance with your current browser preference, it will be installed and you start seeing the tool in action

Keywords Everywhere Add-On After Installation
Keywords Everywhere Add-On After Installation

That’s all. you’ve successfully installed it.

Is keywords everywhere tool accurate?

Yes, According to the extension’s FAQ page, Google releases data publicly, allowing this add-on to source metrics

directly from the search engine. Further, the base search volume on other websites like Amazon and YouTube

depends on Google’s data to create an estimate. Therefore, the Google related platforms it integrates with will

provide accurate information. But, for other websites, it could be either a hit or a miss.

Is keywords everywhere tool safe to use?

Yes, Keywords Everywhere is safe to use a tool.

It is used by many people on the Google Chrome browser alone and got a good rating from reviews.

This add-on page has plenty of +ve feedback on the Chrome Web Store page & Firefox Add-ons page.

It’s is recommended by many popular online digital marketers too!

How do I use Keywords Everywhere with Soovle?

After installing the Keywords Everywhere browser add-on, go to

Select the APIs you want to use from the “Engines” link and then enter your keywords into the main search box.

Soovle – Select The Engine You Wish To Use

Now, As soon as you enter the keyword, different engines that you have set in soovle settings weblink will start showing keywords all over the page.

If keywords everywhere browser add-on is active, you will start seeing the keyword search volume, CPC & Competition appended to the right of each keyword.

Soovle With Keyword Volume, CPC & Competition
Soovle With Keyword Volume, CPC & Competition

What is volume, CPC  competition in keywords everywhere?

Volume:  The volume metric is the number of monthly searches a query receives. Use this to gauge whether a search term will deliver enough traffic to make targeting it worthwhile.

Cost Per Click (CPC): The CPC metric is useful for any marketers performing PPC campaigns. It will give you a rough idea of how much you will pay per click using a certain keyword in an Ad campaign.

Competition:  The number of advertisers targeting the same keyword.


Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension [Keyword Research Tool]: FAQs