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Neil Patel Keyword Tool Ubersuggest 7.0: New Features

Neil Patel Keyword Tool
Neil Patel Keyword Tool

As we all know Neil Patel has been working on the Ubersuggest keyword tool for nearly 3 years now. When he bought the “Ubersuggest” tool on February 13, 2017, for $120,000 dollars, he decided to test it to find if he could easily get visitors from a non-content marketing tool or SEO.

Since that time the tool has come a long way as he added plenty of features to the Ubersuggest tool. Due to plenty of features released, the tool has finally got to a place where he starts releasing features that no competitor does not have it even.

So, before you head over to the Ubersuggest tool to focus on your SEO, Please be sure you go through everything below as Neil Patel changed it is a great way how you’re going to do keyword research.

In addition, Neil Patel Keyword Tool has released new features that are linked to link data & visitor’s traffic estimations.

Features introduced in Neil Patel Keyword Tool Ubersuggest V7.0

Even More Keyword Data support for the keyword research

The problem we all had with keyword research was how or where to find the right keyword.

For keyword research, we all use metrics like CPC data, SEO difficulty, or search volume. But identifying keywords with a higher CPC, low SEO difficulty, and high search quantity doesn’t really mean it is really the right keyword to use.

Here are a few reasons why it is not a good approach/keyword to use for blogging.

    Mobile searches aren’t well worth value as much

To begin with, if the keyword generally gets searched from the mobiles, the rate of conversion will end up being lower. It doesn’t imply that mobile traffic visitors is useless, it typically means that the keyword won’t be as useful & important.

    A high rate of search volume doesn’t really guarantee plenty of organic clicks from visitors

what if the keyword gets a huge number of search queries but no visitor clicks?. This looks crazy, however, it actually happens a lot of times. For instance, when people search for the “weather” keyword in the region U.S, approximately 60% of the people don’t even click any link in SERP.

    All visitors are not worth the same

Some keywords were likely to get searched heavily by teens. Some other keywords searched heavily by those who are within the age of 30s – 40s. If a lot of the search queries for a given keyword happen by an extremely young audience, it’s likely that they won’t have a valid credit card & they won’t convert right into a customer.

Because of these reasons, He made a decision to change the way the industry does keyword research.

For example, when you enter a keyword such as marketing or advertising into the Ubersuggest tool. you’ll see a chart like this:

Website Seo Analysis

Free Seo Analysis

If you are using the Ubersuggest tool from a few years or so, you may notice some differences. but in the event that you haven’t, let me personally breakdown what’s new with Ubersuggest V7.0.

First off, for just about any given keyword you will notice what percentage of the searches are occurring from desktop or mobile devices.

For example, let’s take the keyword “marketing”. You can notice that most of the searches are via desktop devices rather than mobile devices.

Desktop Marketing
Desktop Marketing

On the other hand, if you are using Ubersuggest to check out the keyword “weather”,  you can observe that most of the search queries happen on mobile devices rather than desktop devices.

Mobile Weather
Mobile Weather

And with any keyword you choose, you can even see what percentage of the visitors go through the SEO or paid links.


I bet, you will love to see this bar chart since it tells you easily should even follow or use a specific keyword. Just keyword has plenty of search queries that don’t really mean that you will get many clicks via SEO, that too even though you rank at No#1 in SERP.

In the event that you leverage paid ads, this bar chart will be helpful because it will provide you with a sense of just how many people go through the paid ads as well.

Along with it, you can see another bar chart that breaks down the age range of each visitor of the web link.


As you can plainly see from the above snapshot, Ubersuggest now displays what percentage of the search queries taking place between each age range.

This is absolutely important in the event that you know the persona of your ideal customer, as you merely want to focus on keywords that your ideal buyer is looking for. Further, the data is usually available for all countries of Ubersuggest & for almost all of the keywords available in the Ubersuggest database.

More backlink data

As per our feedback regarding the link database of Neil Patel Ubersuggest, Neil Patel has been making certain changes to the tool which helps to become as big as we desire. By the way, It is in a progressive state.

As of now, when you try to do a backlink search in the Ubersuggest tool, you’ll start to see statistics about historical backlink data.

Historical Link Data Analysis
Historical Link Data Analysis

This chart will begin to show you if a website is keep growing in backlink & referring domain count as time passes or if they’re declining.

In addition to it, it has even shown the daily brand-new and lost hyperlink count for a given website.

For now, the chart with the brand new and lost hyperlink count may look like a bit off, but please be remember that  Ubersuggest crawls more web pages of the web that too faster and more often. Hence you may notice a huge spike in brand-new and lost links.

But in the coming 4 weeks, this chart will normalize, and you’ll see a more precise representation of new and shed links.

This can help you identify new link opportunities easier. Especially because now you can clearly see where your competitors are heading to & their concentration towards their link building efforts.

Better traffic estimations

Finally in Ubersuggest, you may type in a URL to get data about any given domain.

The data ranges from an estimated month on month search traffic to the number of keywords a domain ranks for to even its top-rated pages based on link and traffic count.

Though the new algorithm w.r.to traffic estimations have not yet completely finished, you will notice the chart with much more accurate when compared to the old one.

Traffic Analyzer

SEO Keywords Ranking

Top SEO Pages

Further, it will become extremely accurate with 3 more months of data & time. Then, It is going to be a huge improvement from older charts of traffic estimation.

In case you are using the report of traffic analyzer of Ubersuggest, please remember that this will provide you a directional guide about how your website doing versus your competitor website.


Dear reader, I hope you enjoy the brand new changes introduced in Ubersuggest V7.0. The Ubersuggest tool is currently something that the majority of you haven’t seen before.

And over the next 8 weeks, you’ll see some big launches in Ubersuggest starting from a chrome browser extension to accurate visitors estimations to an Alert notification that will notify you when things are wrong with your website.

So, head over to Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest tool to see the impact of the brand new features such as More Keyword Data features and also traffic estimation and backlink features.

What do you consider about the brand new features introduced in Ubersuggest V7.0?

Neil Patel Keyword Tool Ubersuggest 7.0: New Features