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Neil Patel Ubersuggest: An Ultimate SEO Tool

Neil Patel Ubersuggest
Neil Patel Ubersuggest

When writing a blog post or likely to write a fresh blog post, First you have to start it with “keyword research” .

Thus, You must use focus keyword(s) in your blog article wisely. But, you should make sure that Google not to penalize your website.

Why Google Penalizes the website of blogging?

Keyword stuffing is among the most typical blogging mistakes. So make sure your website does not fall in the hands of penalties of google.

Further, If in case you are blogging and site-building, then you may be using an SEO plugin like “Yoast SEO” to enhance the on-page SEO, etc. In addition to it, it allows you to avoid keyword stuffing. The other way to avoid keyword stuffing is by using “LSI Keywords”.

What exactly are LSI Keywords?

Latent Semantic Keywords are referred to as LSI. In simple terms, they are also called as synonyms of the Focus keyword. Nowadays, Usage of LSI keywords is widespread. It helps to write blog posts without adding the Focus keyword way too many times. You may use various tools to find LSI keywords or long-tail keywords. One such tool to find LSI keywords is ubersuggest.

What is Ubersuggest?

SEO is among the most significant parts of the web business. So, you have to manage keywords effectively. Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword recommendation tools. In addition, It is free of charge & super easy to use. . This web tool allows you to quickly discover the information on a keyword like a search volume, SEO problems, Paid difficulty, Price per Click, keyword concepts, and SERP analysis.

Initially, Ubersuggest was an instrument to find LSI keywords. However, now it offers even more solutions to improve your SEO and content rank.

Ubersuggest is a set of features including keyword research, competitor traffic analysis tool, etc. Therefore, A complete SEO tool.

Is Ubersuggest ideal for finding LSI Keywords?

That’s where Ubersuggest can help you most efficiently. Ubersuggest is the greatest tool to discover LSI keywords. Using LSI keywords may be the best way in order to avoid keyword stuffing. Ubersuggest supports you in finding all of the relevant LSI keywords and queries.

Can we use Ubersuggest with Google Keyword Planner?

Yes, You may use it. If you are seriously interested in blogging or key word research, then you might have previously used Google Keyword Planner. I would recommend you to use Ubersuggest and Google Keyword planner collectively. These tools assist you to easily make a post by making use of focus keyword and LSI keywords.

What you can do with Ubersuggest?

1. Keyword analysis, pageviews, keyword problems, and Check keyword competition.

2. Use Ubersuggest to investigate the traffic to your competition.

3. Find Top ranking webpages of your competitors

4. Find the key phrase your rivals are ranking for

How to use Ubersuggest?

1. Use Ubersuggest for Keyword research

To find the information regarding the keyword you should follow few steps;

  • Go to ubersuggest
  • Enter the keyword or term you wish to look for. Choose the language and select the “search” button.  For this example, I used the keyword “Keyword Research”.
keyword research
keyword research

                         Ubersuggest Keyword Overview Snapshot with “Keyword Research” as query

Ubersuggest also display the following
1. Search Volume 5,400,
2. SEO Difficulty 32(Moderate),
3. PAID Difficulty 42(Moderate),
4. Cost per click $6.88.

It also presents the Trend, volume, CPC, paid and SEO difficulty of all related keywords.

keyword ideas
keyword ideas

                                                 Ubersuggest keywords ideas Snapshot

Ubersuggest also shows the “SERP Evaluation“. You will see SERP results up to 100 results. See right hand section of the above snapshot for google’s SERP details of “Keyword Research”

Now your task is to write down all of the related and LSI keywords.

Begin writing the blog post around the focus keywords, include all of the necessary information and related keywords. Also, make use of lists, forms, how exactly to and creative visuals to improve the discoverability of your articles.

2. Make use of Ubersuggest’s “Competitor Traffic Analyzing” Section

Ubersuggest has a feature called “Visitors Analyzer”. It helps one can check the Organic visitors, Organic keywords and top rating pages of your competition.

Steps to follow for it?

1. Go to ubersuggest
2. Enter the URL of your Competitor and click “Search.”

Traffic Analyser of Ubersuggest
Traffic Analyser of Ubersuggest

                                                  Ubersuggest Traffic Analyzer Home snapshot

The dashboard of UberSuggest traffic analyzer page will screen important details about your competitor, such as for example; Organic Keywords, Organic Visitors, Visitors Graph, SEO Keyword rank Graph , “Top SEO Webpages” or “Top ranking web pages” of your competitor, “SEO keywords”, “Volume”, “Placement”, and “Estimated Visits.”

The “Top Web pages” tab under “Traffic Analyzer” will highlight all of the top ranking pages of your competition.

Traffic Analyser of ubersuggest

Top Pages Tab of in Traffic Analyser

                                            Ubersuggest Traffic Analyzer traffic snapshot

Under the “Traffic Analyzer” tab, locate the “Keyword” option. It will show you all of the keywords/ keyphrases your competitor positioned for.

Keywords Tab of Traffic Analyser

                                               Ubersuggest traffic analyzer keywords Snapshot

Therefore you see, it really is super simple to analyze the very best ranking webpages, and SEO keywords of your rivals using Ubersuggest.

What can we do with tons of data from neil patel ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is providing you all the information you have to track. They are high-rank pages, SEO keywords of your competition, etc. This information is valuable as it will assist you to plan the SEO strategy and Content Marketing strategy to outrank your competition. You can create better articles, build even more links and defeat your competition like anything.


Ubersuggest is an ultimate tool for keyword research, SEO Audit, etc. It is a trusted tool that gives you keyword recommendations as well as offers you more in-depth information to find the correct keywords/ keyphrases. By optimizing the blog post with a Focus keyword, you can easily target the precise audience.

Therefore, I have already been using Ubersuggest for keyword research, Traffic Analyser & SEO Audit.

PS, Have you ever utilized Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest tool for your website SEO?. Which SEO device do you use?

Neil Patel Ubersuggest: An Ultimate SEO Tool