SERP Features

SERP Features: Frequently Asked Questions

SERP Features: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SERP?

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. It is done in response to a query by a visitor. The main component of the SERP is the listing of all results. They are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query. It may also contain other results such as ads, rich snippets, etc..

What are the components of Traditional SERP Features?

The basic SERP Features contains elements like titles, descriptions, and URLs.

When did SERP features start appearing in the results of Google’s query?

It started appearing since the beginning of AdWords in 2001. Since then, Google has been very busy adding new non-organic results into the SERP.

Why knowing about SERP is crucial for SEO professionals?

Understanding SERPs & analyzing search results helps better understand the key components of a result listing. Further, It also helps to determine the specific requirements to rank a particular keyword(s).
Thus, the SERP feature is a critical component for SEO professionals.

Any significant change in traditional organic results since the beginning of google?

In the early days of Google, every result on the SERP looked like the same. In fact, These traditional organic results have not changed much in appearance over the years.

What are SERP features?

A SERP feature is a result of Google’s SERP.  But, It is not an normal organic result. SERP feature is a special element that enriches basic organic snippets on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  Webmasters may take advantage of SERP features to increase the website’s visibility, authority, and sales. Nowadays, Google is most focused to use SERP features to achieve its common goals.

What are the most popular SERP features?

The most popular Google SERP Features that are commonly visible on Google SERPs are:
a) AMP
b) Videos
c) Reviews
d) News Box
e) Top Stories
f) Featured Snippet
g) In-Depth Article
h) Image Pack (Images)
i) Tweets (Twitter Card)
j) Site Links (Sitelinks)
k) Instant Answer (Answer Box)
l) Local Pack (Local Teaser Pack)
m) Adwords (Bottom) & Adwords (Top)
n) Knowledge Card (Knowledge Panel)
o) People Also Ask (Related Questions)
p) Shopping Results (Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads)

What are the distinct categories of SERP Features?

Broadly, SERP Features are grouped into 7 categories. They are
1. Local Business features
2. Advertising features (Sponsored features)
3. Knowledge features
4. Vertical enhancement of organic results
5. Search query features
6. Media features
7. Misc. features

Name a few features which are part of Local SERP features?

Features which are part of Local SERP features

1. Local Carousel
2. Local Knowledge Panel
3. Local Pack Results
4. Local Near Results
5. Google Map + Pins

Name a few features which are part of Advertising and paid results?

Features which are part of Advertising and paid results

  1. AdWords Ads (@Top)
  2. Shopping Results
  3. AdWords Ads
  4. Shopping Results (@Right side)
  5. AdWords Ads (@bottom)

Name a few features which are part of Knowledge Graph features?

Features which are part of Knowledge Graph features

  1. List Carousel
  2. Answer Box
  3. Knowledge Graph (Info)
  4. Knowledge Graph (Brand)
  5. Disambiguation Box

Name a few features which are part of Vertical search results?

Features that are part of Vertical search results.

  1. Image Mega-block
  2. Video Results
  3. Image Results
  4. News Results
  5. In-depth Articles

What is Search query features?

Search query features are features that make research easier and better for a marketer/SEO Professionals/Bloggers.
These features may negatively impact the CTRs of the organic results for a keyword visitor requested.
These features are not something where you can appear or influence them as per our wish. Thus, there is no substantial benefit to your website.

Why Understanding SERPs Is So Important?

As we all know, Google has been updating its algorithm hundreds of times each year. Google’s search algorithm is constantly evolving to provide more information and features in search results.  Further, it’s safe to bet that we will continue to see changes in search features.

Web Marketers use Strategic SEO campaigns to show up in search results around core keywords and phrases. They have a better understanding of what is required to rank, and the types of assets needed in order to get there.

Why is SERP Features important?

SERP features are really important for marketers/bloggers to remain at top of competitive & ever-changing internet era of Google. Further, SERP features are necessary for Keyword Research & marketers need to change how they do keyword research for blogging/articles.

The presence of SERP features above the organic results has been steadily increased for the last few years. It causing click-through rates (CTR) to drop massively.

What is a Rich Snippet?

A Rich Snippet is an enhanced search result displayed by search engines on their results page. They are described using structured data. It is implemented by webmasters of websites. Further, It usually has more visual appeal. It is visible in opposite to common organic results.

What is Featured Snippet (Answer Box)?

Usually, Google answers the visitor’s questions just by pulling information from a webpage. It is most often appears for question-based searches or queries that have informational intent (top-of-funnel searches). It appears on the top half of the webpage on Google. Further, it generates higher click-through rates when compared with traditional organic results.

What are Reviews (or Rating)?

In Google search, Visitors like us see Review stars and Rating details for products, recipes, and other relevant items. Review/Rating information is shown between the destination URL  & Snippet. Usually, Results with review stars likely to get higher CTR. For reviews to appear on the webpage, a Schema markup of reviews(ratings) must exist on the webpage.

What is Twitter’s Tweet Card?

Twitter’s Tweet Card is The Trend of displaying twitter’s tweets directly shown in SERPs results along with organic results. In Fact, Twitter’s Tweet card results in SERPs aren’t “organic”. However, they help to boost a brand’s visual presence on the SERP. Thus It is perceived as relevancy. Further, Twitter’s Tweet card results don’t affect by personalization.

What is People Also Asked feature?

People Also Asked is a SERP feature that lists a number of suggested questions that are very related to the search query(keyword) based on Google’s algorithm. These related questions are mixed into organic results and can take different locations in the SERP. It is often displayed for question-based search queries & is very similar to the Featured Snippet. It expands in an accordion style dropdown. Here, Each question in People Also Asked looks like a featured snippet. Therefore, It is also called as Related Questions.

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