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What is Soovle?

Soovle may be described as a super search engine (aka search engine for search engines). Soovle is an excellent keyphrase/keyword research tool that brings feedback from more than 15+ search engines. It is really customizable and gives an easy yet efficient & customizable solution to find keywords from the Top Search Engines. Soovle analyzes keywords from Google, Bing, Yahoo,, Wikipedia, YouTube, and other Search Engines. Users can select which internet search engine to draw keyword research data from. And, they may also add their company logo to the left-hand part to make the soovle tool appearance more appealing to the visitors. This tool may become the main help for search and article marketing inspiration. On top of that, it is free of charge ie you can use it for free. How awesome is that!

soovle is an extremely customizable & unique internet search engine in the sense that it provides you suggestions predicated on your keywords from major internet web providers. It includes web providers like Google, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and YouTube. If In case you are struggling for great content creation/article marketing and need some motivation, Soovle is an excellent tool to use for keyword research.

What are the Advantages of Soovle?

1. A Super Search Engine

Soovle collects data from a lot more than 150 search engines, which makes it probably the most comprehensive researching tool.

2. It has very simple interface

Soovle includes an user-friendly interface which includes a search package, multiple Search Engines, Solved hyperlink, and a few symbols. The Soovled Hyperlink refers to the initial hyperlink returned when one operates an explore a specific internet search engine.

3. A Great source to obtain concepts/ideas for Content

With regard to keyword research, Soovle acts as a very important source of concepts. It includes concepts drawn from different search engines, including niche types like and Amazon.

4. It Provides Keyword tips

This provides keyword tips predicated on queries from popular search engines. Users may also save their personal searches for the future make use of. These phrases could be preserved or downloaded, seen in Google Trends or printed.

5. Query Results in Blink of an eyesight

Soovle finds those queries really very fast. In other terms, literally in the blink of an eyesight, which is another main plus.

6. Integrate well with other SEO Tools

Soovle is proficient at what it can, but you would normally wish more from a keyword finder, so use additional SEO tools, too.

7. Data from more than 150 search engines

Soovle collects data from more than 150 internet search engines. Thus, soovle is one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools.

What are the Features of Soovle?

1. People Also Search

Soovle accumulates and shows “people also search” queries from many search engines in once: Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo, Answers and As the name suggests, people make use of those search queries, and utilize them often. Therefore, in the event that you consist of them in your articles, you increase its likelihood of being discovered by your market.

2. Aggregated keyword research tool

Soovle is a customizable internet search engine that delivers the keywords search suggestion from other top web providers on the internet. It is a web tool which provides Keyword quantity, CPC & competition data from different search engines.

3. Awesome & simple to use GUI

Enter any keyword and discover which related keywords are popular on sites like YouTube, Google, etc. What’s great about this web tool is it offers you outcomes from different search engines simultaneously.

How to use Soovle?

Here are the steps to use Soovle for keyword research or for Content Creation.

1. After installing the browser add-on, go to

2. Choose the APIs you wish to make use of from the “Engines” link and enter your keywords in to the primary search box.

Soovle Usage

3. Once you enter the keyword, different Engines you have set begins showing keywords all around the page. When you have the internet browser addon set up, you will start viewing the keyword search quantity and CPC appended to the proper of every keyword. When you move your mouse over the keyword, you will notice a popup with the same information.

Soovle with iphone as query string

What are other ways to use Soovle?

1. Type a key phrase and press enter (or click “Soovle”).
2. Look through the recommendations and click some of them;
3. You will notice the outcomes quickly updated predicated on the new expression you just clicked.
4. You can repeat measures 1-3 as many times as you want!

Soovle with keyword planner as search query

What are the Technology, Services & Providers used by Soovle?

Soovle is actively using 30 technology services and products because of its website. Included in these are SPF, SSL by Default, and Google Analytics,  Google Analytics, G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Function), and Google Tag Supervisor, etc.

Why Should you use soovle for your business needs?

1. Free of Charge

It’s a simple tool without the necessity to create an account in soovle. Visitors need to go to the website and enter their own keywords. Very quickly, you will be given results across different search engines.

2. To Better Understand Your Visitors

Because your clients could be arriving from any internet search engine, you may use this tool to observe how they are employing keywords around your business to find your product/service.

3. Great Data at your finger

Soovle uses all the major web companies to give you your outcomes and there isn’t another device that will carry out this for you personally. If, for example, you are interested in businesses that sell products online, you can go for only the various search engines that are particular to the, e.g. Amazon or

4. Very Fast & Simple to use

Soovle is an extremely simple and simple to use web tool. Soovle is certainly not frustrating. Once you enter your term, you will quickly find what you are searching for, in an exceedingly in-depth but simple to understand way.

5. Store Keywords for You

Soovle also enables you to preserve your searches to ensure that you don’t lose all of your data. Maintain this at heart when you possess a whole lot of keywords to analyze.

6. Great Customization As Part of Tool

The customization is situated in the “engines” hyperlink where users can replace the defaults with the websites that fit them. Soovle supports many web providers.


Finally, Soovle is a keyword research tool. It enables one to collect conditions found and talk about them, shop them to disk, or just printing them for your information.

Soovle makes search easy, fun and fast. For a lot more entertainment become sure to provide the “demo” include a spin. if you wish to go through Help and guidelines to make use of the soovle, they are located in the “secrets” hyperlink.

I would suggest using Soovle in tandem with other SEO equipment that also screens the keywords search quantity (i.e. the amount of once a month queries) in a specified area, such as for example WebCEO, Moz, Ahrefs or Ubersuggest.

Soovle offers you suggested keyword tips from Google, YouTube, Amazon, more and Bing. Soovle is among the best free keyword research tools out there.

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Soovle [An SEO Tool]: Keyword Research Made Easy