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Search Analytics – Understanding of Search Analytics Made Easy

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What is Search Analytics?

Search Analytics is all about discovering which keywords place your rivals in leading SERP Results. It conducts competitive landscape evaluation to identify the competition and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Also, how your business may improve your competition.

6 steps of Search Analytics

1. Identify your direct organic competitors

First Identify your direct rivals in your business. Look at SERP statistical data of your competition. Analyze the full set of data & try to find interesting points out of it.

2. Research the presence of your as well as your rival’s domain

Investigate visitors drops and visibility adjustments for the domain you are looking at. See if your marketing campaign is going in the proper direction. Also, look at your competitor’s data for more insights.

3. Discover your competitors’ keyword rankings

Try to look at the Search Queries. It shows every keyword your rivals are ranking for in the very best 100 Google SERP’s.

4. Track position adjustments of domains

Keep a tab on your domain as well as your competitor’s domains and look for any updates on the domain’s rankings. Measure the effectiveness and effectiveness of particular optimization attempts.

5. Track universal SERP Results

Make use of advanced filtering to obtain a much better look at your SEO improvements. It can be done by monitoring your very best performing universal search content material: images, videos, information, etc.

6. Get statistical figures for the top-performing pages

Locate a domain’s most popular and trending webpages. Tracks competitor’s articles and discovers what articles generate the most visitors.


Therefore, Search analytics is the usage of search data to research particular interactions among Internet searchers, the internet search engine, or this content during searching for episodes. Further, The resulting evaluation and aggregation of internet search engine statistics can be utilized in SEM and SEO. Quite simply, analytics helps site owners understand and enhance their performance on internet search engines. Also, For instance, identifying highly valuable website visitors or understanding consumer intent.

Thus, It contains volume trends and evaluation of trends, reverse searching (getting into websites to observe their keywords), keyword monitoring, search result, and advertisement history background, advertisement spending statistics, site comparisons, internet affiliate marketing statistics, multivariate advertisement testing.

Search Analytics – Understanding of Search Analytics Made Easy