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What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a web service tool by Google. It is provided as cost-free for webmasters. That allows them to check on indexing positions and optimize the presence of their websites.

Google rebranded Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search console. Also, In January 2018, Google introduced a fresh edition of the Search Console, with a refreshed interface and improvements.

Features of Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) has the below tools. These tools are very helpful to webmasters:

1. Sitemaps

webmasters may submit and check sitemap of the website. It also assists the webmasters to check for any mistakes with their sitemap.

2. Crawl Stats

It helps to Check and arrange the crawl price, and view figures about when Googlebot accesses a specific website.

3. robots.txt file

Write and test robots.txt file to greatly help discover webpages that are blocked in robots.txt accidentally.

4. Links

It lists out internal and external pages that connect to the website.

5.  Crawling Issue Links

Get a set of links that Googlebot experienced difficulty crawling. list out the error pages that Googlebot received when accessing the URLs involved.

6. Search Analytics

Previously called ‘Search Queries’. Google rebranded it in 2015 to ‘Search Analytics’ with extended filtration system possibilities for devices, search types and date intervals.

It shows you to see what keyword queries on Google resulted in the site being outlined in the SERPs. And the full total clicks, total impressions, and the common click through prices of such listings.

7. Google Data Highlighter

Highlight to Google Search components of organized data which are accustomed to enrich search strike entries.

8. Manual Actions

Receive notifications from Google for manual penalties.

9. Rich Cards

if you use schema markup or other structured data on your website, You can use Google tool to confirm for you whether it’s set up right to work in the SERPs results.

It is a method you can use to communicate more information to Google’s crawlers about how to display your web pages in the search results.

Also, it is a fresh section added to GSC for better cellular user experience.

10. Security Issues

It shows security problems with your web site. You may check it for Hacked Site or Malware issues.

6. To Select the favored domain in SERP

web masters may set a favored domain. e.g. choose over or vice versa. It determines the way the site URL is displayed in SERPs.

Advantages of Search Analytics Reports

1. Accurate data & Precise Data

Search Analytics reports deliver more accurate reviews compared to the Search Queries statement.
The reports are up-to-date and the most recent information possible.

2. Individual page count

Search Analytic reports consider all of the links to the same web page as a single impression.
Separate reports can be found to track the devices type and search type.

3. Image click count even more accurate

Search Analytics reports just count clicks as clicks on extended images within an image search lead to your page. The prior Search Queries record counts all the select a pictures, expanded or not really, in both web & pictures search.

4. Data consolidated by complete domain

Search Analytics reviews assign all clicks, impressions, and additional search data to an individual, complete host name. Please note, Subdomains are thought to be individual entities by Search console and have to be added separately.


Therefore, GSC is a hub for tools related to your website. It’s a must-have tool for any website owner. It allows you to tweak everything from search analytics to Links and everything in between these tools. Also, Webmasters should not overlook GSC.

Google Search Console Login