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Web Page Design Trends of 2019

Web Page Design Trends
Web Page Design Trends

10 Most Popular Web Page Design Trends

1. Principle of KISS for comfort and minimalism

Minimalism continues on as a favorite trend with an increase of white spaces that provide a clean, versatile style & design.

however, slow but detailed animations can give comfort. But, Content ought to be brief but focused. That is to ensure that your message is usually conveyed to visitors initially.

Remember that… The first impression lasts for a long time

2. Futuristic Web Designs

With regard to the futuristic style, designers outpace movies.

When exceeding leading styles, you will usually visit a highly technological function or huge data visualization. Data points have risen to 20X within the last 3 years, making them difficult to comprehend.

3. Custom Illustrations, Videos

A graphic speaks louder than phrases. Furthermore, they save space and catch the curiosity of users/visitors.

A report reveals that enough time allocated to a website raises by 100% whenever a web page includes at least one picture or video.

So, Videos never neglect to impress since 85% of shoppers would probably make a buy after looking at a demonstration of a product/service.

4. Shadows to Produce an Illusion of Depth

Shadows are very popular in the designers’ globe given that they create more depth. They enable you to change your flat style to a semi-flat style. Shadows, along with a slight variation of shades, can be utilized for the following:

a) making CTA’s appear raised if they are going to be clicked
b) establishing a visual purchase among elements
Note: Avoid using way too many shadows.

5. Responsive WEB SITE DESIGN and Logos

Since Google became the first choice in search engines, web developers have grown to be comfortable using Responsive web site designs. This is also observed in logos as well too. Each one of these can be related to Google.

At present, brands need to have a responsive website and company logo to maintain their existence before their market, regardless of what device they use.

Website Design Trends

6. Minimalist Images

To effectively pull a user’s interest on a specific item, it is always advisable to use an ordinary background to target more on a particular detail. This plan is always found on e-commerce websites. Internet designers are actually applying it to improve their CTA.

7. More Blank Spaces in the web page

Web site designers use blank areas now as part of it. This is definitely since a poor space makes a consumer concentrate on something valuable. That is, for example, the merchandise you are available with optimized CTA.

8. Animations, Cinegraphs, & Gifs

Usually, Users would prefer to watch stories than go through text. The motion could very easily capture a user’s curiosity above all else. This is why Instagram is prosperous nowadays.

Animations, Cinegraphs, and Gifs can be utilized to create striking webpages, information letters, and banners, amongst others. These conditions are familiar to users of interpersonal media.

Add animations to allow users to go efficiently throughout routing and loading displays, to mention a few in the selected list.

9. Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are seen everywhere. They change from animations in a manner that is difficult to describe.

They are found in creating highly interactive user interfaces. Therefore the users don’t need to visit and scroll straight down the pages.

10. Shiny Gradients and Vivid Colors

After a long amount of absence, gradients are back online with a bang. Gradients 2.0, with their distinct colors, are fast getting popular among web designs.

Web Page Design Trends of 2019