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SEO Checker For Website
SEO Checker For Website

What is SEO Analyzer?

According to some studies, Google’s algorithm has been having over 200 ranking factors for SEO.

But, As an SEO would you take time to optimize your website for each and every one of them?

Well, ideally you should…Nevertheless, You probably won’t do it.

See, Over a period of time SEO has been changed. It used to end up being that you could perform a handful of items and rank well. Unfortunately, the days those days are gone back.

Now you should do all things and carry out it well to dominate the SERP ranking of Google.

So, Neil Patel made our task easier and released one more fresh feature in Ubersuggest that audits your site for you within 3 minutes. It’s called SEO Analyzer.

Introduction to SEO Analyzer ( SEO Checker For Website)

If you want to understand what’s wrong with your website, you won’t want to do it manually anymore. Say, Thanks to Neil Patel.

All you need to do is head to the SEO Analyzer tool and type your website URL.


How does SEO Analyzer work?

Once you provide your website URL, you will be see a well written SEO Audit Report that looks something similar to this:

seoanalyzer a unique web

Once you provide a website URL, it will loads. Usually, SEO Analyser takes 3 minutes or much less than 3minutes. you’ll see a synopsis just like the image above.

The overview is divided into 3 primary sections.

Overview of SEO Checker For Website


The first section provides you your website On-Page SEO score, your estimated search traffic, the number of keywords the domain ranks for, and just how many backlinks the website has. The bigger the better.

You will see a message from me personally that breaks down just how many webpages had been crawled and any SEO mistakes that were found on your websites.

When you select any one of those 4 boxes available, it will take you to a more in-depth report of SEO Audit.

Simply clicking the on-page score goes to a full-page that lists out your SEO mistakes of the website. It looks something similar to this:


Now, click on the organic traffic box. It takes you to a report that presents you how good your website is performing.


Simply clicking the keywords box lets you know what all the keywords your website ranks for organically.


And by simply clicking the backlinks box takes you to a report that all the websites linking to your domain.

backlinks by auniqueweb

Site health of web site

This is the best section of the website audit report. That is where you really need to dig around and increase your website rankings.


You can select any one of the four website health boxes and drill into a more detailed report.

It is very important because you will need to focus the first concentrate on SEO critical errors. Then, you should repair any warnings and, finally, consider doing the given recommendations mentioned.

Health checkbox offers you a synopsis of the healthy pages and the once which have issues or broken or blocked or even redirected pages list. By simply clicking this box you will redirect to a well-written report that lists out all of your SEO issues at length.

seo issues

From there you can select any one of those issues and you’ll be taken to the specific pages which contain any SEO errors and what they are exactly. A good example of that is pages with too low Word Count.


If you aren’t sure about how to fix the issues, simply click on “what’s this and how do i fix it?” and a box such as below will appear:


And if you go through the critical errors, warnings or suggestions boxes, you will see reviews similar to the ones above. They’ll be divided by how essential they are.


That way you’ll know which fixes have the best SEO impact and how hard they are to implement.

You should first concentrate on the ones which have the best SEO impact and so are easy and simple to implement. And SEO tool prioritizes the desk for you. So all of you need to do is begin at the very top and work the right path down to underneath.

Speed of Website

We all agree Page Response Speed of the website is very important. Faster load instances not only help boost conversions but also help increase your search rankings.


There are two sections to the website speed. The section on the left side gives your desktop load time details and the section on the right side reduces your mobile load time.

Please note, Website speed may vary drastically by a person’s internet connection speed and computer configuration. However, the reports offer you a rough idea of how fast or slow your website loads on either desktop or mobile.

Your goal ought to be to have your website load in 3 secs or less for both Desktop and Mobile.

The report even shows you which areas are slowing your website speed.

For example, you might have a concern with “Initial CPU Idle”. And in the event that you aren’t sure what that exactly means, only hover your mouse pointer over the question mark and the web tool will guide you what needs to done to fix it.


Top SEO Issues

As i said earlier, the SEO Audit report has 3 primary sections. However, the 4th section is merely repeating the website health section itself.


You will start to see the 3 most significant fixes that you ought to make to your web site if you would like to rank higher.

In the event that you don’t have enough time to repair everything, at least start by fixing the top 3 issues right here. Those will provide you with the biggest value for your money.


Therefore, SEO Analyzer was an excellent addition to the Ubersuggest web tool.

For now, the SEO Analyser crawls the first 100 web pages on your website, and finally, our objective is to raise the limit to 500 or even 1,000 pages of the website. Technically we are able to do this fairly very easily. I have capped for 100 pages because of the sheer amount of users my website has and load on the webserver.

Give a try to SEO Analyzer web tool and let Neil Patel know what you think of SEO Checker For Website.

SEO Checker For Website: SEO Analyzer