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Ubersuggest 6.0 [Uber Suggest]: A Complete SEO Tool

Uber Suggest

Introduction To Ubersuggest 6.0

One thing which has remained constant, regardless of how much you understand about SEO, there is simply too much to accomplish for webmasters. Due to this, a lot of SEOs don’t actually optimize their own personal websites any longer. And if indeed they do, you’ll discover that their websites don’t rank in search engines for many competitive terms. Don’t surprise. Yes, It is absolutely true.

Do you know Why?

Because it will be a lot of work for webmasters!

That’s so why Neil Patel announced an updated version of it ie Uber suggest 6.0

Neil Patel has been an SEO for roughly 17 years now. Recently, he released the latest version 6.0 web tool to Monitor and Improve your website rankings without Learning SEO.

With V6.0, You may track and enhance your website rankings, even though you don’t have an SEO backbone within your body.

Dashboard and Login of Ubersuggest 6.0

Register & Add websites

First off, You’ll need to register to utilize this feature, but don’t be concerned, it’s free of charge. So that you may keep monitoring of all your websites.

Once you register, you’ll be landed right into a dashboard of V6.0.

Then, you put your site or competitor websites according to your wish.

Now for me personally, I’m already monitoring a couple of websites via my dashboard. This is why my dashboard has already been populated.

Dashboard of Ubersuggest

The dashboard could keep tabs on

1. SEO errors of your websites

2. Hyperlink growth (or decline)

3. Your month to month search traffic

4. Your current search engine rankings

5. and any SEO errors that you should fix.

6. On top of that, it crawls your site for you every single week and that means you don’t need to worry about maintaining Google’s latest algorithm updates/adjustments.

7. And with the search engine rankings feature, you may automatically monitor how your rankings are changing every day.

What is Rank tracking in Uber Suggest 6.0?

Within each site you add to the dashboard of it, it is possible to automatically track your website rankings for just about any specific keyword you wish.

For example, let’s start to see the Rank monitoring of Neil’s website Ubersuggest

Not only that you can track your website rankings on desktops as well. Further, it also displays how your website ranks on mobile devices too.

If you would like to track particular keywords, you can do so by clicking on “Add Keywords” and it will pull a listing of suggestions from your own Google Search Console. Also, you may track any additional keyword as per your wish if in case it doesn’t arrive via your Google Search Console.

On top of that, you may have the capability to track your website ranking against any country, town, or region. This means it provides flexibility to do regional SEO or worldwide SEO, further, you can observe your website ratings from anywhere.

If you have been using it for some time, you know it also has a day picker. It helps you to see a good chart of how your ratings are improving as time passes.

Wishlist of features of Ubersuggest

Neil Patel has been working on the below wishlist. Sooner or later, they will be released officially. Here is the list of features for future releases

1. To create it in which a way that you don’t have even to code or help to make any adjustments manually. It will ultimately have the ability to go into your site and make these fixes for you personally. Nevertheless, this feature won’t happen until the following year sometime.

2. Introduction of email alerts to ensure that you don’t need to log into it anymore and it email messages you when there can be an issue that requires your attention.

3. Adding competitive evaluation features to the web site. You’ll have the ability to track your rivals and be notified if they make an SEO or advertising change that you need to look at.


With these great updates of it you can directly observe how it is assisting you to develop your search traffic. In addition,It will automatically keep track of all of your adjustments and notify you when it finds any new SEO problems to fix.

Ubersuggest 6.0 [Uber Suggest]: A Complete SEO Tool